We dressed a model I made in the midst of chaos

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I am a stylist and I am all the days just to dress up chicks. This chick specially attracts me attention, she is red-haired, beautiful, young, a beautiful body and sincerely I’ve always wanted me to do it. It is the spirit of see what she will wear, she removes everything and now I see her all sexy with her panties, ah my old one and this is mine. I touched a breast she said nothing, just smiled. It takes away all of me too, she gets on all fours and she began to me suck, I was expecting not that it is so easy and fast, and here I am, I had to see. She sucks great, she looks at me with those big and beautiful eyes. It starts on me in the middle of the chaos and me bese, as you can imagine, I was blown away, I started because I could. When she gets on four legs there is the explosion.