The scholar caught to the head with the secretary

The head of this office is the milf colombiana Ariella Ferrera, is a woman very sexy and wearing with many curves, she is married but at work has a lover and all will think that this is a man, but that is not the case, her lover is his beautiful secretary.

That day the fellow learned that his boss was busy in secret with the secretary and, as he was a true nerd not he ate or a fairing the chantajeo to be able to have sex with both. The two little sluts ate the fellow, and follaron with a lot of enthusiasm.

Between them they could play with their fingers, with plug, with dildos and other toys, but a dick of truth pulls a lot more, so I spent a great morning doing a trio impressive among all.

I hope you enjoy this video of a trio with Ariella Ferrera, his trainee and his secretary.

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