Apolonia Lapiedra treats his customers

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Apolonia is a waitress who is shore very seriously her job, she knows that the customer comes first, but up to a certain point. She is working in the restaurant of a friend already that has economic problems and you need to take weekends in the restaurant. At the end of the meal, has a few clients that are a bit heavy, but as you are majetes as it allows them to pass.

When you are asked for the account she takes it and pulls out a wad of bills that was good to see. The gives you a ticket big and she tells him he has no change of that. the guy is not short and tells him that he can keep the change if you let him tap him on the ass. She doubt a little, but it lets you do. Then we will offer you more for seeing the g-string. And this is going to stop doing everything at the end.