Tricks the real estate agent for a floor

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This guy is a bastard of care, from long ago knows that one of the flats are in the building across the street is a real beauty and wants to know if you can fuck her as is. This has arranged an appointment with her to buy the house. It is the second time you see the floor to be more interesting. The owner of the apartment who was a friend of his told the committee that she was going to take that it was large.

The it put hands to the work and the second time he saw the floor again to see it again, and then began to talk about buying it the put a wad of bills on top of the couch so that she could see that he was interested in purchasing the floor. But he had a condition, I wanted to follársela as it was very good and as a condition to buy it I had to do it. She didn't hesitate even a second and began to do everything for her.